Wishes [And Crystals] For A Calm Christmas

The holiday season is stressful for almost everyone, throw in a pandemic and you’ve got the perfect storm. 

Many people have been turning to natural and holistic wellness practices to balance their mind, body and soul and we like to think of crystals as the perfect tools to support balance. Crystals carry their own vibration which subtly interacts with our bodies and energy fields and that’s how they work. 

For relief from a busy and stressful season, here are the perfect calming support crystals:


This calming and soothing pale blue crystal brings a sense of peace. Perfect for anyone who needs to calm their nerves and banish anxiety (we are looking at you family dinners). Perfect to hold in your pocket or wear as jewelry. 


Possibly one of the best crystals for everyday and holiday induced anxiety. Lepidolite contains naturally occurring lithium which is often used in anti-anxiety medication. To silence the chaos and relieve stress hold during meditation or wear as jewelry.


Fluorite helps to bring mind body balance by instilling peace, bliss and calm into your life. Fluorite is the ultimate chill pill this Christmas. Meditate with fluorite and keep a piece nearby.


This grounding stone helps you to release unwanted energies stored in your energy field. Smoky Quartz helps to absorb stressful and anxious energy allowing you to move through the season brighter and at a higher vibration. Wearing smoky quartz as the ultimate holiday armor. 


Amethyst is a natural stone powerhouse. If you are ready to clear your mind and infuse your space with peaceful relaxing energy, this is the crystal for you. A cluster placed in a room will help to transform the energy.  

Written by Erika Mazzei, Marketing Manager and Crystal Buyer at Island Naturals 

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