How To Prioritise Self-Care Within Your Busy Schedule

The importance of self-care

From rapidly approaching work deadlines to managing your kids’ social schedules, it often feels like there is never enough time in the day to take care of all the tasks on your to-do list. Let alone take care of yourself. 

However, practising self-care allows us to make the most of this current moment by enabling us to appreciate what we already have rather than chasing after what we don’t. By making time in your week for self-care, you help boost your mood, improve your relationships and empower yourself to make more positive changes in your life. 

While self-care will look a little different to everyone, here are some of our favourite ways to incorporate it into your routine. 

Consider your diet

What you eat is essential to how you feel physically and emotionally. 

Taking multivitamins is a simple way to boost your body with the nutrients you miss from your diet.

Adding in supergreens to your meals can also help boost your immunity and reduce your risk for chronic disease. Try out this Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie for a delicious breakfast with benefits. 

Move your body 

“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” – Elle Woods.

Moving your body for even 10 minutes every day can help you live longer, reduce your risk for numerous diseases and dramatically improve your mood. 

Struggling to find the energy to complete your workout? Try taking a pre-workout between 30 to 60 minutes before exercising to give yourself the energy boost you need to get through your sets. 

Get some (quality) rest

A good night’s sleep is the foundation of a great wellness routine. However, that magical 7 hours of rest can be elusive to find.  

That’s why our Wellness Experts have put together some of their top tips for getting to sleep faster, staying asleep longer and feeling more rested when you wake up. 

Our Wellness Store also stocks a variety of natural sleep supplements, from magnesium gummies to sleepy temple blend tea. 

Journal your thoughts

When juggling multiple calendars and responsibilities, it is easy to get overwhelmed. 

One of the best ways to clear your mind is by taking everything you are thinking about and writing it down. This helps you to organise your priorities and ensure you don’t forget anything. 

Visit our Home & Gift Store to find a beautiful journal that you can use to write down your thoughts daily. 

Practice calming breaths 

While breathing typically happens without much thought or focus, when we take the time to focus on that breath, we can help calm down our nervous system and ease up any built-up stress or tension. 

Start by grounding your feet on the floor and settling yourself into your seat. Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, inhale for a count of 5 and then exhale for a count of 5. Repeat this several times until you feel your body relax. 

Enhance this practice by diffusing some essential oil, like lavender or chamomile, for some calming aromatherapy. 

Make time for your loved ones

Spending time with your loved ones not only strengthens your relationships and improves communication, but it can also improve your own mental and emotional wellness. 

Getting together for a games night or enjoying a meal together are all great ways to reconnect. 

Our Cafe’s breakfast menu is available until 1 PM on weekends for an easy-going brunch experience to share with your favourite people.

Volunteer for an important cause

It’s no secret that doing good helps us to feel good. 

Whether organising a canned goods collection for the local Food Bank or taking dinner to an elderly neighbour, volunteering within our local community helps spread that goodness even further. 

With various not-for-profit organisations on island, there is sure to be a cause close to your heart that you can help make a difference in. 

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